Melissa's life journey has led her to discover her vocation of coaching top athletes and high level sports teams. Her passion is inspired by her own experience as a competitive level hockey player and growing up in the hockey world. 


Her goal as a coach is to help athletes surpass what they themselves believed could be their full potential and become the best version of themselves on and off the ice.


Her dream of transforming the world of sport, combined with her education, has led her to develop a unique expertise in athletic performance. She has developed her own training system and philosophy. Her approach is based on biomechanics focus, movement and power paired with functional training, strengthening the mind, and breathing techniques to recover faster between sets and shifts. Not to forget, she develops strong powerful functional athletes on and off the ice.


She started working with hockey athletes about 10 years ago and since then has coached athletes of all levels, from snowboard Olympians to NHL athletes. She prides herself on making athletes fully functional, creating a proper foundation, by coaching athletes to become more aware of their bodies so they can achieve higher results and get an edge. She is very detail oriented when it comes to training. 

Not to forget, she is an expert when it comes to helping hockey players with hips that don't move well - We all know that hockey players have a hard time with that. She helps them to unlock the hips and make them fully functional - after consistent work, it shows on the ice. 


She uses a combination of different techniques in an evolutionary approach and adaptable to the specific needs of each athlete.